Portrait of Tom Holland by Alex Scheele
Photo by Alex Scheele'  

I was born in Cornwall and have been drawn towards Art and creative subjects ever since attending primary school. I naturally pursued this passion through my secondary school years in the southwest, and it wasn’t until I attended Truro College that I became drawn toward the design elements. This led me to study interior design at the university of North London.

Whilst studying my degree course I achieved a greater understanding of the drawn line, position and perspective. I also had the satisfaction of seeing my drawings and ideas become reality in the form of models and installations

The pressures inherent in studying and working in London made me realize how much I missed the South West. I would consistently return when work and my studies permitted. A constant being my summers spent camping on the Isles of Scilly. One memorable camping trip, surrounded by the heat haze and blue waters of Bryher Island, provided a powerful catalyst for me to return to Cornwall for good.

After five years and a gradual disillusionment with London life, that summer gave me all the inspiration I required to make the brave attempt of packing my bags, and returning to the Southwest to indulge my aspirations to take up fulltime painting.


I felt the quality of life that would be afforded to me by making the move back home would provide all of the necessary focus I needed to concentrate on my love of painting. The scenic locations dotted around Cornwall provide more than enough inspiration for a prolific output of work and I feel lucky to be able to live in Cornwall and pursue my creative aspirations.

My love of color, shape and form play a big part in my interpretations of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly; which run throughout my works with images being stripped down to the ‘basics’. Never without my sketchbook or camera I make small studies and notes of my experiences whilst traveling around Cornwall, then in my studio transferring the images to canvas.

The Isles of Scilly never fail to inspire me to paint. The constant change in the mood of the isles provides an ever-evolving palette of colours for me to work with. I can look at the same view over and over again yet I will always find new inspiration.

There is no other place I’d rather be. This is what I want to convey to the viewer, a wonderful feeling of peace, warmth and sun.



Hi Tom, Shrimping duly arrived, safe and sound. And it certainly lived up to my
The first impression is of course the colour. The flat, strong colours portray that
essence of nostalgia for all for those beach holidays- or even the later long walks
we've taken along the sands opposite Padstow, or here along the Wittering coast at
the edges of Chichester harbour. The simplicity one first sees belies the complex
pattern, technique and structure which enables me to see more worlds within it.
Gradually, the colours emerge, flicking from the flags to the children and to the
boats and then back. For me the nostalgia is emphasised by the isolation of the
shrimpers engrossed in their own simple world divorced from the adult world of boats
and buildings by the lines of the land and rocks, though there remains a hint of a
connection through the finger of extended sand. The whole suspended animation is
checked by the hint of breeze flapping at the flags. But it is above all that
animated calm that strikes me most and seems to sit well with all your pictures I
have seen.
Shrimping will be a brilliant addition to our collection.
With thanks,
Alan and Dawne.